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Home Page Case Study Moon face, under bite combined with concaved mid-face.
Moon face, under bite combined with concaved mid-face.

Hong Kong Patient came for orthognathic Surgery in Taiwan

I had a prominent chin, which drew great attention and became the most outstanding feature of my face. However I did not like it. My dentist suggested I have orthognathic surgery because orthodontics could not effectively improve my chin contour and malocclusion. Therefore I started to search information about orthognathic surgery and found Dr. Ming-Chi Hsieh with proven records and more affordable price than local HK doctors.So I decided to fly to Taiwan and visit Dr. Hsieh.

Before meeting Dr. Hsieh, I contacted the clinic via Email and communication app LINE. It was really convenient. I communicated with the assistants who explained me the procedure and answered my questions in details. After some evaluation, I got an appointment with Dr. Hsieh.

[Step 1] Visit Dr. Hsieh and undergo a full skull exam

Dr. Hsieh was very patient. He listened to my concerns and analyzed my problems in a very professional way.

[Step 2] Pre-surgical planning and discussion, decision on orthodontic options, schedule for surgery

Based on the results of 3D CT-scan and 3D navigation measurement, Dr. Hsieh showed that apart from a protruding chin, I also had facial asymmetry problem. With the aid of 3D computer aided surgical simulation system, my protruding chin and facial asymmetry were corrected through orthognathic surgery.

3D CT-scan and 3D navigation measurement

[Step 3] Return visit, start orthodontic treatment

Courtesy of Dr. CL Yeh
I decided to complete orthodontic treatment also at Charm Cosmetic United Clinic. Therefore I need to fly to Taiwan regularly for orthodontic visit. It is convenient. The flight tickets from Hong Kong to Taiwan are cheap. Sometimes I could make it to fly to Taiwan and back to Hong Kong on the same day. If I have any questions, I could contact the clinic right away without language barrier.

Dr. Hsieh's highly efficient surgery-first orthognathic approach vs. traditional orthodontics-first orthognathic approach

  Dr.Hsieh's highly efficient surgery-first orthognathic approach Traditional orthodontics-first orthognathic approach
Pre-surgical orthodontic treatment Not required 1-2 years
Start of post-surgical orthodontic therapy 1-2 weeks after surgery 1-3 weeks after surgery
Duration of full treatment course Possibly less than 1 year Minimum 2 years
p.s. Actual situation can vary depending on individual patient's condition

The recovery and healing process was shorter than I expected. Only during the first week I experienced some discomfort and inconvenience, particularly during the meal. Now it is about 5 months after surgery, I feel good with the healing and outcome. It is worthy flying to Taiwan getting treated by Dr. Hsieh.

Information for overseas visitors traveling to Charm Cosmetic United Clinic

Visiting information for overseas patients

Results of surgery vary among patients. Please consult your doctor.
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Results of surgery vary among patients. Please consult your doctor.