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Ideals and the philosophy behind TMJ disorder treatment



Comprehensive treatment of temporomandibular joint

Temporomandibular joint disorders are caused by imbalanced in the masticatory system. These include maxillofacial skeletons, joints, ligaments, muscles and dental occlusion structures. Initial diagnosis depends on understanding the full patient history, a thorough physical exam and a medical imaging exam for an accurate diagnosis of the severity of the different diseases for each patient. And for the treatment of temporomandibular joint disease patients, it is important to completely understand the cause and severity of the disease, treatment options and the entire procedure. The entire process needs to be established based on the mutual trust between the doctor and the patient whether it be an accurate diagnosis or the success of the treatment. Careful interpretation of the conditions and treatment guidelines are important.

Patients with temporomandibular joint and related disorders often do not know where to seek treatment, and there are only a handful of doctors who are passionate and have expertise in treating temporomandicular joint diseases. This causes patients to wander amongst otolaryngologist (temporomandibular joint pain is often initially mistaken for ear pain), dentists, major hospitals and traditional martial arts halls, and are unable to to obtain suitable treatment. This leads to continued suffering and deterioration of the disease.



Under the current healthcare situation, doctors are unable to provide patients with the time required for a complete exam, so that doctors are unable to provide correct drugs and treatments to the patient.

Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders is broadly divided into conservative (non-surgical) and surgical treatments. After receiving an accurate diagnosis, most patients undergo non-surgical treatments and most can attain satisfactory improvements in symptoms. However, a few patients still cannot attain improvement in pain and are still limited in joint activities after a long period of conservative treatment. It even causes joint inflammation and absorption that leads to facial asymmetry and increasing problems in chewing and swallowing. Such patients with severe symptoms often persist with the ineffective conservative treatment because medical information is not widely available to them. Overtime, the pain and function is not improved and lost.

Dr. Hou Ren Jiang uses the American treatment model by providing a complete checkup and patient history analysis to obtain an accurate diagnosis, and provide a detailed classification of severity. Patients with different temporomandibular joint diseases are provided with corresponding treatments procedures, methods (including conservative treatment and temporomandibular joint surgery), and they can have complete treatment plans and choices. They no longer have to deal with prolonged occlusion pain and wander around helplessly. Dr. Hou Ren Jiang offers you the better choice by breaking free of the national health insurance system treatments!





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