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General Pre-Surgery Information


General Pre-Surgery Information


  1. It is important to stop taking anti-coagulants such as aspirin and some Chinese herbs two weeks before your surgery. These Chinese herbs may contain the same active anti-coagulating agents that increase the risk of bleeding. If you are unsure it is better to temporarily cease taking these Chinese herbs before the surgery.
  2. You are required to stop all food and fluid intakes eight hours before the administering of intravenous or general anesthesia for your surgery.
  3. Please take your daily dosage of prescribed medicine, such as drugs that control blood pressure as required but with as little amount of water as possible.
  4. Please thoroughly cleanse your face, hair, and body the night before or the morning of the surgery.
  5. Please brush your teeth and tongue followed by mouth wash before the surgery.
  6. DO NOT”apply any hydrating lotion, make-up, lip stick, eye liner, hair gel, nail polish or perfume.
  7. Please tie up your hair if you have long hair.
  8. Please do not wear any necklace and other valuables.
  9. Please wear something comfortable, and no turtle neck.
  10. Shoes should be easily slipped on and off.
  11. Please inform us any special concern you may have to Dr. Hsieh or member of our medical team.




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Results of surgery vary among patients. Please consult your doctor.