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Freqently Asked Questions


Every consultation session is given the precedence over many other demands on Dr. Hsieh’s priority, even he values the imperative helps from members of his excellent medical team. Dr. Hsieh held high esteem for performing his fineness from paying details to all essential elements associated with the procedure undertaken through effective communication with the patient as a surgeon.


It is crucial to make allowance for making patients feel at ease and relaxed during consultation. Most of us listen and speak more readily when we are relaxed. Sometimes, it’s hard to communicate calmly on your expectations for the outcome of a cosmetic procedure, which is essentially a process of beautifying a person to the best version of oneself. Relax! We do these every day around the clock. We know your concerns and worries and we welcome your supportive friends and families to attend the consultation together. It is very helpful to have supportive friends and families listen together for your treatment plan.


We hope to establish mutual understandings while learning how you like to change, and through our careful examination and evaluation we hope to offer you some choices and selections.


It is essentially important to thoroughly explore the possibilities of where and how you want to change and adjust. This will enable effective verbal communications during consultation that has an important role in appeasing and achieving the best version of you that you envisioned. Perhaps, it is not so communicative in asking “Doctor where and what do you think I should change?” at the beginning of the consultation. Dr. Hsieh will offer his profession opinion during consultation if he sees possibilities in what may give an even better result. Strictly speaking, when it comes to most patients, it is rather a choice to perform a cosmetic procedure than out of necessity.


The best outcomes rendered are usually patients who had done their homework before seeking the professional opinion. They communicate effectively during consultation. It is advisable to study yourself in front of a mirror and list out things you want to change. Some may come as obvious with others less prominent. It is very helpful listing them out. While you browse through our website, questions and thoughts may come to you. It is advised to write them down. That way, you will have understood most relevant questions you might have about the procedure after the consultation with Dr. Hsieh.


We will also note and pay attentions to your concerns. Dr. Hsieh will examine carefully your facial-head-neck section of your body. He will offer many possible surgical procedures for your desired results so please don’t hesitate to let him know what your concerns, problems are and how you want to change them. Usually, you will be looking into a mirror during consultation to list out your problem areas. We will also discuss your general health conditions, medical history, and current medication you are taking. Others concerning the surgical and anesthesia safeties are also noted and informed. We also need to know if you smoke and for how long, do you have other operations and incidences with anesthesia and post-surgery bleeding. The more we know, the safer the procedure will become.



<p>What is your budget?</p>

What is your budget?

This is also dependable on each patient’s needs and expectations. Some patients want to have dramatic changes within one anesthetic session. Other patients want to transform slowly through time in separate surgeries. So the costs are spread out.

<p>Second Consultation

Second Consultation

Sometimes, more than one consultation is needed. These consultations are important. We don’t take these consultations lightly. It is our aim to help our potential clients fully and thoroughly understand the procedure as much as possible. We welcome your returned inquiry with regard to any clarity needing elaboration. It is equally important to us that you’re clear about your inquiry.

<p>Surgical Date Reservation

Surgical Date Reservation

After consultation you may be required to reserve a set surgery date for your procedures. We will do our best to allocate the time in which appeases your required date. When you made a reservation for your surgery date, another appointment is required to be attended by you one week prior to the surgery date so that pre-surgery instructions for the surgery and anesthesia, reviews on your medical health report and medical history are prepared and done. Informed consent will also need to be signed. Post-surgery cares are also notified. We welcome the company of your supportive friends and families in this second consultation. You should be very confident about the surgery after second consultation.

<p>On the Day of Surgery

On the Day of Surgery

When you have reserved a surgery date and time, please come at the allocated date and time. Your friends and families can leave the clinic and pick you up after the surgery. We strongly advise to leave their contact details so that we can contact them if needed. Some patients may need to stay overnight in the clinic for observation. If you are to perform a face lift, we will ask you to wash your hair the night before the surgery. Please wear something comfortable with sandals or slippers. Please do not wear any expensive jewelry, makeup, nail polish, and hair spread.

It is normal to feel nervous and anxious about the surgery. Please don’t worry. We have an excellent medical team with highly professional surgeon, and we are very experienced. You are our only focus.

<p>After Surgery

After Surgery

If you are receiving osteotomy or face life, there will be bandages on your face. You will be transferred to the recovery room to rest. Our medical nurses will carefully monitor your vital signs. When you are awake, we will inform your families and friends to company you. We will remind you again about the post-surgery cares. All patients who had the surgery done by Dr. Hsieh will have his mobile number and other contact details. You can stay in the recovery room until you feel right to return home.

<p>Post-surgery Return Check-up</p>

Post-surgery Return Check-up

Different procedures will have deferent requirement time for return check-ups. Usually, patients with the more extensive procedures will be required to return after 24 hours. However, patients with less extensive procedures can return after a week or several weeks. Return check-ups are very important for us to inspect the wound’s healing process. The outcome of your surgery will be compromised without post-surgery cares. Please do follow the instructions for post-surgery cares that we have informed you prior to the surgery.

<p>Final Result

Final Result

Different procedures will require different recovery time. Sometimes, it can be several days. Sometimes, it can be several months. Like what we said in the previous question, surgical wounds have to have their recoveries as they required, we cannot hurry them. Some patients couldn’t wait. Some more complex procedures will require up to several months for recovery. Dr. Hsieh will routinely take photos to document your recovery. Sometimes, it may be necessary to perform minor readjustment procedure. Maxillofacial surgery is like an artist forming his or her sculpture. Sometimes, readjustment is needed while another time conservative monitoring will be undertaken. Of course, the requirements for these minor readjustment procedures are rare and can often be done under local anesthesia.

Thank you for your patience in reading the important information contains above. We hope to have you feeling more confident and at ease with your consultation, appointment, and surgery.

<p>Are you performing surgery for the right reasons?

Are you performing surgery for the right reasons?

Our clients often said that they felt better, more confident and at ease with a new face. Usually, maxillofacial surgery may not rekindle lost passion in a relationship or guaranteed a promotion; however, if you simply want to feel better and confident they will be a good reason!

<p>Can your current heath condition withstands the demand of a maxillofacial surgery?

Can your current heath condition withstands the demand of a maxillofacial surgery?

Well managed high blood pressure and diabetes are common diseases of internal medicine. Patients with these well managed conditions are qualified to undertake maxillofacial surgeries. Our disease screening standards are certified in hospital level. The clinic is well equipped to perform most procedures and anesthesia safely; however, Dr. Hsieh may have procedures in medical centers for patients with susceptible health conditions.

<p>Have you allocated enough time for recovery?</p>

Have you allocated enough time for recovery?

Every procedure needs a period of recovery. The surgical wounds require time to heal even if it is only one day or ten days. We are unable to hurry the natural healing process of the body. Please be patient and noted that without following the instructions for post-surgery cares, the prevalence for certain risks of surgical side-effects is higher. What we can do is to adjust the treatment plan closest to your requirements and needs. If you have only several days available, then surgery with less invasive procedures are better. These include the endoscopic face lift, liposuction, cheek pad, chin pad, small area rhinoplasty, minimally invasive tooth implant, and permanent lip augmentation. Some procedures require one to two weeks in recovery such as osteotomy, orthognathic surgery, large area face lift, osteoplasty, and bone implantation. The recovery period for each person is dependable on the condition of the person’s overall health and is varied between patients, thus, the time return to work is also varied. If having too many days off may cause a problem, we can arrange the surgery to be performed on a Thursday or a Friday so that only a week’s leave will give ten days in recovery time. Sometimes, it’s enough.


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Results of surgery vary among patients. Please consult your doctor.