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Mandible Reduction and V-line Chin Reduction


Mandible Reduction and V-line Chin Reduction




Many people are confused of the differences between mandible reduction and V-line chin reduction. Firstly, Dr. Hsieh has to clearly explain the purposes of these two surgeries. There are two major purposes of mandible reduction including minimizing the face area from frontal view and smoothing the angles of chin bone. Furthermore, purposes of V-line chin reduction are to reduce the volume of wide and flat chin besides sharpening the shape of chin.

Most patients and even some surgeons believe in the myth that chin can only be sharpened by either placing certain materials or hyaluronic acid injection. However, the logic is simple. Implanting any material into the chin will “only” cause the “volume” of chin to increase, thus lengthening the chin. In order to achieve a visual effect of diamond-shaped face, sharpening the chin by V-line chin reduction is the “only” approach without “lengthening” the chin (volume will increase).

Accordingly, patients with flat or wide chin are suggested by Dr. Hsieh to receive V-line chin reduction at the same time. In most cases, if mandible reduction is performed without V-line chin reduction, the chin may appear larger visually. It is important that patient has communicated with the surgeons prior to the surgery. As an example, case 1 is explained below:




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Results of surgery vary among patients. Please consult your doctor.