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Moon face, under bite combined with concaved mid-face.

One Year After Orthognathic Surgery 


One Year After Orthognathic Surgery / Taiwan TV Show 03/30/2016




What is the reason for receiving orthognathic surgery?

I had a problem of occlusion. The upper and lower back teeth on the left were not aligned well. After the evaluation, my orthodontist pointed out that my occlusion problem could not be solved simply by orthodontic treatment and he suggested that it was necessary to work with orthognathic surgery to improve my occlusion. Later, the problem of my occlusion was getting more and more serious. So I started to contact and consult with Dr. Hsieh Ming-Ji’s clinic. Detailed information was given to me in the process of consultancy at clinic. Then I was ready for receiving the surgery. 


What are the conditions during recovery after surgery? How long can a patient go back to work?

A patient is usually hospitalized for one day after surgery. Patience is all a patient needs during the process of recovery. So anyone who receives the surgery should be mentally prepared for it. The surgery requires general anesthesia. A patient can experience swollen and uncomfortable conditions after surgery. I live a bit far from the clinic but it isn’t a trouble for me to come to the clinic.

1 st ~10 th day after surgery:I ate liquid food for ten days. The food was served without any dregs at room temperature. A syringe was used for eating the liquid food. My pillow was piled a bit higher when I slept.
Starting from the 10 th day after surgery:I started eating soft food, such as cooler porridge.The ability to chew was still weaker.
Starting from the 14 th day after surgery:basic “functions” like talking, eating, etc. recovered to a normal level. Don’t worry too much. I took a rest for about one and a half month before I went back to work because of the nature of my work (need to face customers, often talking for a long time). My appearance got recovered almost the same as before surgery.

What makes Dr. Hsieh Ming-Ji different from others?

Dr. Hsieh’s techniques are really good. When I started looking for an orthognathic surgeon right for me, just like everyone else, I went to several clinics or big hospitals for consulting. The old concept of traditional orthognathic surgery wasn’t broken until I visited Dr. Hsieh. The environment, doctors and staff of the center are reliable to entrust myself to.

Changes after surgery?

After the surgery, the changes in appearance substantially boost “self-confidence”. The functions of eating and chewing have been improved. The teeth at the back are able to chew food, which makes me feel very happy.




One Year After Orthognathic Surgery / Taiwan TV Show 03/30/2016



Recovery period of orthognathic surgery: Dr. Hsieh Ming-Ji at Charm v.s. others

A friend of my colleague’s received orthognathic surgery around two or three years ago. But my colleague told me that there was a big difference in recovery period between that friend and I. At that time, he needed to lie in bed for a long time during the recovery period. It took him around half a year to get recovered. He ate liquid food for four to five months. There is a big gap between our conditions in recovery. During my recovery period, I only ate liquid food for ten days and then I started eating soft food. One month later, I could begin chewing. In the early period of recovery, the muscles of the mouth are weaker. It is suggested to practice opening the mouth often.Comparisons in recovery period of orthognathic surgery between Dr.Hsieh Ming Ji at Charm and others


Comparisons in recovery period of orthognathic surgery between Dr. Hsieh Ming Ji at Charm and others





Results of surgery vary among patients. Please consult your doctor.
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Results of surgery vary among patients. Please consult your doctor.