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3D Custom-Made Facial Implant Surgery
One month after cheek implant surgery that achieves plumped- up apple cheeks and better skin complexion. Practical postoperative cold and warm compress techniques

Why go for 3D-printed cheek implant surgery?

Before the surgery I had sunken mid-face which gave a lethargic impression. I tried once autologous fat grafting but the result was not satisfactory and the effect didn't last long.

I searched information regarding cheek augmentation and knew that some cosmetic surgeons use standard sized implants. I do not think this type of implant could fit perfectly to the face. I chose to have Dr. Hsieh to perform the surgery with customized 3D-prineted cheek implants tailored to my facial anatomy.

How's the recovery after the 3D-printed cheek implant surgery?

The surgical site was not much swollen during the first two days after surgery.
The swelling reached its maximum at the third day after surgery.

The nurses from the clinic advised that I should apply cold compress on the surgical site and showed me the way to do it. However I was feeling not so good after the surgery and felt it's much work to prepare the material and follow the advices. I discovered an alternative way of using the "cooling paste", which is commonly used to bring down fever for children. I cut it into desired shape and applied in on my cheeks. It was very practical as the cooling effect last for 8 hours and the paste sticked to the skin by itself so I could have my hands free to do other things.

On the fourth day after surgery, the swelling subsided mostly and it's time to change from cold to warm compress. I found another practical product "eye mask shaped warm pack (also called warm spa eye mask)" and apply it on my cheeks. It gave continuous warming effect with the temperature not too high to damage the skin.

What's the difference before and after surgery?

I am very much satisfied with the result. Before the surgery my cheeks looked flat and even dark as shown on the photos. Now I looked healthier with the plumped-up cheeks and better



Results of surgery vary among patients. Please consult your doctor.
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Results of surgery vary among patients. Please consult your doctor.