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Facial rejuvenile reconstruction surgery (Mr. N, a European client)

Dear Dr. Hsieh,

I would like to thank you once again for helping me and making my life better.

You know, travelling 19,000 km alone, sitting in a cramped seat for 12 hours, getting soaked wet in the rain.. :-) for me all these things were worth every minute of time, because at the end of the day the work you did is immaculate, natural and beautiful.

When I saw the pictures of the patients you worked on, my jaw dropped, I could not believe it.

I see now in more detail what you did during the operation, it is truly amazing the re positioning of the tissue, millimeter perfect, the attention to detail never forgetting the sacred sense of proportion. The subtle re positioning of the tissues around the eyes, to give them more vibrancy and life. The reversal of work done at the subperiosteal plane, something I still cannot fathom how you did it. I see my old face back and that brings me great happiness :-). It's like magic.

It is clear to all that you have a rare and wonderful gift. I really do believe god is working through you.

I am deeply spiritual (not religious), that is why I have been driven to express my gratitude in this way. This great work has meant so much.

Dr. Hsieh, this email is not about me, it's really about you, your gift and a celebration of that. In my humble opinion, you are truly living your life's purpose and you have just improved another persons happiness and life.

I think all the patients who choose you will also have their lives changed in a deeply positive way.

I just also wanted to say, thanks again to you and all of your great staff, particularly Julianna (thanks Juli :-)) who was extremely caring, thoughtful and helpful all along the way. And the night nurse (sorry I did not understand her name) who was sweet and caring all through the night.

I will cherish these experiences for always and will hold them close to my heart.



Results of surgery vary among patients. Please consult your doctor.
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Results of surgery vary among patients. Please consult your doctor.