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Beauty is the Promise of Happiness!?

Although this statement is not surprising, it is rarely mentioned (or dare to be mentioned) by people. According to studies of oversea universities, good-looking person is averagely happier than those who are “less” good-looking. As quoted from CNA-news, a latest investigation targeted on 25,000 people around the world revealed that money cannot buy happiness. However, money can be earned by possessing beauty which provides more happiness. Economists from University of Texas – Austin analyzed five of the large-scale demographic data in US, Canada, Germany and U.K. from 1971 to 2009, and revealed that good-looking people are generally happier than those with average or unattractive appearance. According to USAToday, researchers revealed from previous findings that beauty can generate economic effect. Moreover, more than half of person with attractive appearance indicated that their happiness originate from their appearance. “The majority of beauty's effect on happiness works through its impact on economic outcomes,” said Daniel Hamermesh, the main author of this research. For many years, he has been dedicated in researching the outcome of attractiveness.

This is rather an interesting research not easily seen elsewhere. As a matter of fact, no one would admit openly that they are concerned of physical appearance. Dr. Hsieh is also one of them. However, one of the conclusions in this research suggested that people who are “less” pretty is less happy. This is not a naturally born issue as being “less” attractive will continuously influence a person from different perspective. Besides, these influences may be quantified. For instance, their average income is relatively lower and it is “relatively harder” for this group to seek partner or spouse. With the society and culture emphasizing on fashion trend, there is an inevitable and invisible pressure which causes the “less attractive” people feeling uncomfortable.

On the other hand, Dr.Hsieh believes that good-looking people can easily obtain the “entrance ticket” but does not guarantee a long-lasting success in life. Good-looking people may easily acquire job admission and approval during the initial phase. However, the next phase is the most important as you need to show confident, experience, capability and good work altitude. Undeniably, physical appearance is one of the factors affecting your overall performance. More importantly, our success depends on how we utilize our advantage and combine it with hard work!

Dr. Hsieh uses his surgical technique, aesthetic sense and medical technique to help every individual to stand at the same starting line for the race against others!




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