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3D Custom-Made Facial Bone Contouring Surgery
Whole Face V-line Contouring Surgery

Whole Face V-line Contouring Surgery

To have satisfying final touches to the surgical outcome, sometimes it is essential to perform whole face bony contouring surgery. This whole face bony contouring surgery involves cheekbone and mandible contouring in addition the very vital chin V-line contouring. Person with widen facial profile often has flat and widened chin- the male characteristic. Dr. Hsieh recommends receiving V-line contouring surgery to give an overall oval facial shape from top to bottom.

A. Incision and Path
- For the part about cheekbone please see cheekbone osteotomy
- For the apart about lower jaw bone please see lower jaw bone osteotomy/ square face surgery.
- Chin V-line Contouring Surgery: Dr. Hsieh recommends the intraoral incision for chin V-line contouring osteotomy to appear within the inner section of the lower lip but outer section of the gum. The incision will be approximately 3.0 cm in length where the chin bone will be cut to form a V shape. It can then be lengthen, shorten, push forward or backward, or moving side to side then secured with mini bone nails and plates.
B. Surgical Duration:H. Surgical Duration: approximately 1.5 hours. Lower Jaw Osteotomy: approximately 1.5 hours. Chin V-line Contouring Surgery: approximately 1 hour.  
C. Anesthesia Approach: General Anesthesia
E. One day hospital stay.
F. Catheter attached.
G. Post-surgery Dietary Requirements:
Fluid foods for approximately 3 – 5 days then soft textured foods for approximately 1 – 2 weeks.

Case 1
This young lady always had problem with her rounded face, and what's more troubling was that when she tied her hair up exposed a very manly facial bone constructs. She wished to improve these problems by receiving upper and lower jaw osteotomy. However, it became more obvious to her after consulted with Dr. Hsieh that if she wanted to become a V-shaped beauty, there's no procedure other than V-line contouring that offered better result. She decided to take on multiple-procedures in one surgery which included cheekbone contouring, lower jaw contouring, chin V-line contouring osteotomy, and a touch-up procedure to reshape her nose. These procedures let her "Face-Off" with a new look!



Case 2
Most people, even doctors would recommend patients who have round face to take up liposuction. However, little did they know that liposuction can actually offer relatively limited changes to the patient's face shape, they probably also did not know that osteotomy is the better choice of surgery to transform the roundedness to something attractively slim for the shape of the patient's face. This young lady wanted to change the proportionally larger face and before approached Dr. Hsieh, many plastic surgeons recommended her to take up face liposuction and botox (face sliming injection). Obviously, the resulted changes of these treatments offered unsatisfactory outcomes, it was only after these treatments that she understood that osteotomy for the lower jaws combined with chin contouring and fat pad resection were what best suited her all along. This photo was taken 6 months about the surgery.



Case 3
This young lady received osteotomy on her lower jaws in our center (excluding chin V-line contouring). After few months, she decided to receive V-line contouring surgery. This photo is taken 6 weeks after the V-line contouring surgery.



Post-Surgery Instructions

  1. Cold press is helpful for reducing post facial surgery edema. It can also be applied to the bandaged facial areas. Cold press should be applied to the surgery area for at least 48 hours.
  3. The first two days of the surgery only fluid foods (juices and milk) can be consumed. Two days after the surgery semi-fluid foods (porridge and soup) can be consumed with spoon. To resume normal dietary intake will take approximately 1 – 2 weeks. Mouth wash should be used after each meal or food intake.
  5. It is important to maintain your head on higher position after the surgery so that it reduces edema and accelerates your wound recovery.
  7. Lower jaw osteotomy will cause varying degree of temporary numbness on the chin and lower lip. It will generally be recovered within 3 – 6 months after the surgery. Only rare occasions that this numbness will become permanent. It is normal for involuntary saliva drooling to appear few days after the surgery. This is caused by the lips and cheeks edema. Please don't panic if this happens.
  9. It is important to keep in check with realistic expectations. It takes time to recover and there will be bruises and swollen areas after the surgery. You will recover and look beautiful in matter of weeks or months after the surgery result takes form. Please have patience and don't panic! If you have any question and concern please arrange with Dr. Hsieh for check up.
  11. High intensity exercise should only be allowed 3 weeks after the surgery.
  13. It is very important to follow Dr. Hsieh's instructions for taking the prescribed medicine in timely manner, constraining normal body movement and exercise accordingly, and maintaining the wounds clean at all time. Your healthy recovery depends on following these instructions.
  15. Have a caring family member or a friend around can provide great comfort and positive support while you recover. Having someone looking after your can help manage your life obligations while provide positive psychological support that enhance your healthy recovery.
  17. Please remember to drink water frequently. It is important to replenish your water intake as body fluids are lost during surgery. It is also important to keep away from heavy condiments and spices while keeping your meals light with easily swallowed and digested food items.


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Results of surgery vary among patients. Please consult your doctor.