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3D Custom-Made Facial Bone Contouring Surgery
Facial Shape and Image


Facial Bone Contouring Surgery : injecting a new soul to your face

Do you believe that a person's temperament and bearing can be dramatically improved after re-contouring a face?  A different appearance can make you look just like another person and meanwhile the personality and disposition seem totally different from before.  The following three cases provide us excellent testimonies.


Case 1
(Left) She looks like hard-working with a careless and macho personality. (Right) She looks like the apple of her parents' eye and being raised in a good family.  She looks like having a sweet and charming personality.


Case 2
(Left) She has had all kinds of hardship since childhood. She is independent and persistent. (Right) She has been carefully protected since childhood. She looks like a considerate and sweet little daughter that everyone wants to keep protecting her.


Case 3
(Left) She looks like an indifferent and bad-tempered female boss.  People feel a sense of distance for her. (Right) She has female characteristics such as intelligence and gracefulness. She is a smart female boss with a flexible and yielding personality.




Subtle changes for life brought by facial bone contouringsurgery

Why does a patient who looked masculine and seemed to be raised in a poor family can give a totally different first impression to others after her square face has turned into an oval face?  How can it be possible that a patient who seemed to have a hard childhood and a persistent personality suddenly becomes a person with a sweet and considerate personality for other people to care more about after recontouring her broad middle face into an oval face?  Why does a dominant female boss with an indifferent and distant personality caused by certain trauma in the old days suddenly change into a wise and beautiful female leader due to recontouring her protruding cheekbones into a smoother-arched shape?

This is the subtlety of facial bone contouring surgery which cannot be described by words because it seems to inject an all new soul into the face of a patient.


Case 1
(Left) The patient has strong chewing muscles and a square facial profile. Her face conveys a child-like feeling but lacks femininity. Three months after receiving face V-line contouring surgery, (Right) her facial shape becomes soft, smooth and beautiful. She is now sending a message of charm and nobility and looks totally different from what she looked before.


Functional facial shape possibly caused by habits and nurturing environment in the childhood

In fact, functional facial shapes can be explained from the perspective of medical science.  It's not hard for us to find that the first impressions of the patients in the above pictures with descriptions like "poor family", "hard childhood", "indifferent and distant personality caused by certain trauma in the old days" are somehow in relation to childhood or past days.  This is because the formation of facial shapes is indeed concerned with a person's experiences and habits in the process of growth.  Such impact may reach up to 70% of the formation.

For example, Mei grew up in a poor environment so she had been used to gritting her teeth to survive hardships or difficulties.  "Gritting teeth" had gradually augmented her jaw.  Therefore, even if a child grows up in a rich family, his or her jaws may deform due to "gritting teeth" under great pressure.  In addition, people who often chewed food or were used to chewing gum in their childhood may also have over-developed chewing muscles.  The growth of facial bones can be influenced and the lower face can become square and broad.


Case 1
(Left) The patient had broad jaw, the so-called "home-base face".  The face looks resolute and sturdy. (Right) After recontouring her face into an oval shape, it delivers an elegant, exquisite and graceful temperament.  It seems that she has become a decorous and wise leader from a hard-working basic-level employee.


Utility-oriented functional face v.s. aesthetic-oriented face

In medical science, broaderjaws, square face, protruding cheek bones and eyebrow bones are called "functional" faces.  Why? Take cavemen for example, they had coarse food so they had to open their mouths wide and tore off food.  Naturally, they had more well-developed chewing muscles and broad and square facial shapes.  This resulted in convenience for them to put more food in a mouth for biting.  For protecting faces in a dangerous environment, they also had wider facial bones.  Though such faces were not beautiful, their functions were in response to the needs in life.  Such theory can be applied to the different facial shapes between men and women.

Case 1
(Left) Such square face is commonly seen in many males.  Sometimes it may look a bit rigid. (Right) He looks like a fashionable metrosexual with softer lines. The man also looks smarter and handsome. He even has the quality to become a male model!

A function-oriented coat may be heavier to keep warm.  Multiple pockets, coarse surface treatment and lighter color may be designed for the purpose of being convenient, water proof, water repellent and light-reflecting.  On the other hand, such a functional coat cannot have the same appeal as a nice-looking coat with an aesthetic design for buyers.  Therefore, I always tell my patients before recontouring their faces that the major difference before and after the surgery is to transform their functional faces into aesthetic ones.


Case 2
(Left) A square-like functional face has been formed partially because of the habits the patient usually had in her childhood.  (Right) The face after V-line contouring surgery combined with other sculpture surgeries in other parts has turned to be beautiful from functional.  The temperament and beauty have been significantly enhanced.  She has become an intelligent and beautiful woman.


Does appearance affect job interviews and sexual attraction? The answer is "Yes"!

Maybe some people don't consider facial shapes very important.  In the theories of physiognomy, higher cheekbones may bring bad luck to a husband, over-developed jaw bones may easily cause quarrels, and a chin which isn't straight or is too pointy may not bring a good late life, and so on.  Regardless of the theories, the conditions described above seem to make sense based on the feelings of such faces convey.


Case 1
(Left) The patient had concave cheeks with a square facial shape. The patient didn't like her broad skeleton. Her cheeks looked too thin and her middle face was not supportive enough.  She was often thought spiritless. (Right) After receiving mid-face malar sculpture combined with facial bone sculpture surgery, she now has round and well-supported cheeks. The facial profile has become outstanding and smooth. She looks like an innocent woman full of happiness.


For example, a person having higher cheekbones may deliver a sense of dominance.  Most men still like sweet and soft women.  Over-developed jaw bones mean a person who talks a lot and may cause quarrels.  A person having an over-pointy and dented chin may be ill-fated.  On the other hand, ancient people thought the chin had something to do with reproduction.  Poor-looking chins may lead a person to be unable to give birth to a child and have a good late life. (In fact, the acnes appearing on the chin are connected with internal secretion.)

I met a patient who was a shop owner and engaged in a decent business.  He looked quite rugged.  He met police for spot check several times.  The police asked him to pull over for strict questioning.  He was even asked to open his trunk.  This had bothered him much. Later, he decided to receive the facial bone sculpture surgery. The above conditions never happen again.


Case 2
(Left) The male having wider jaws gave others an impression that he often chewed betel nuts and had a hard period of time so he looked tough and dominant. (Right) After softening the line of lower jaw by bone sculpture, he looks much friendlier and like a good father.


Therefore, how a face looks can give a good or bad impression to others.  This indirectly influences human relationships, job interviews and sexual attraction.  According to a study in Italy, among job applicants having the same qualifications, good-looking ladies accounted for 54% of acceptance rate while those who are not beautiful accounted for only 7%. Similarly, 47% of applicants were handsome while 26% were not good-looking.  Do people make decisions by appearance?  If you are about to ask for directions, whom do you go to? The one having a pleasant and mild look or the one who looks indifferent and mean?


Case 3
(Left) The patient looked sharp and strict. Six months after orthognathic surgery and osteotomy, (right) she looks kind, refined and elegant.  She is just like a good wife and mother.  Which one do you think is easier to get along with??




Facial Bone Sculpture – re-establishing face and inner self

When it comes to osteotomy, many people are hesitant. As a matter of fact, the history of osteotomy has been long.  It was developed for treating trauma; for example, facial bone fracture caused by a car accident requires osteotomy to rebuild bones.  Today's facial sculpture surgery has been well developed.  A patient can resume social and daily life within one to two weeks after the surgery.  The recovery can reach 90% within 3 months.  It is conservatively estimated that it takes six months to get 100% recovered.


Case 1
(Left) The patient had a pretty much wide and square face so she looked less prominent. (Right) Three months after V-line surgery, scarring can hardly be seen.  The lady has a whole new appearance with prominent and stylish facial profile.



Hsieh Chin-yen, the queen of electronic music, and Hu Ge, a handsome Chinese actor having worked with Lin Yi-chen, have had severe facial injuries caused by car accident. However, their appearances have been recovered and they can continue creating excellent performance for being a show artist.  People may not know their faces were seriously injured if they are not aware of these stars' past.

In other words, a patient can receive a safe surgery if he or she selects a professional and well-experienced facial bone surgeon working with a professional anesthesiologist.  I usually compare osteotomy to an airplane, a pilot and a co-pilot. The patient is like the airplane, the surgeon is the pilot and the anesthesiologist acts as the co-pilot.  Before the airplane takes off, thorough examination should be made.  During the flight, the pilot and co-pilot have good techniques to land the airplane safely.

Of course, some people may think about why patients who already have injured facial bones still positively choose osteotomy?  Let me share my experience.  In fact, patients who have such needs are often psychologically injured, unconfident, unhappy, unsatisfied and so on due to their appearances.  These factors keep bothering them.  After receiving a surgery, I saw them regaining confidence, laughter and happiness.  They think it's worth having such a surgery and even I reaffirm the positive side and value of its existence.


Case 2
(Left) The patient had protruding cheekbones, square face and spiritless.  She looked like a housewife taking care of family for a long time.  (Right) After face V-line sculpture, she immediately becomes a fascinating and charming young lady.



Some patients may only expect to focus on improving their facial profile to give others a better impression with friendlier personality and temperament and say goodbye to their unpleasant past.  However, my suggestion would be to make adjustments both on real-life personality and facial shape in order to achieve the best result.



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Results of surgery vary among patients. Please consult your doctor.